Amcub Complaint Policy

From December 2022 as part of a larger package of improvements for micro – businesses, energy brokers such as Amcub must be registered with Ombudsman services. This is to allow customers a clear path to resolve any issues they have with their energy broker.


Amcub is a very small organisation, and as such, should you have a complaint about any of our services it will be dealt with by the proprietor Alexander


In nearly ten years trading there have been no complaints about any of our services, but that does not mean we do not continue to find new ways of improving the service we give to our clients.


Should you have a complaint, please notify us either by : -

E- mail at

Post                 Suite 106 109 Hope St Glasgow G2 6LL

Telephone        03302 231872

As our offices are not always attended, please also call or e – mail to advise you have sent post.

There are no charges for making a complaint, and our policy is set out below. 1. We will acknowledge a complaint within 4 days if sent by e – mail or telephone or within 10 days if by post.

2. We will always be courteous and respectful to anyone who wishes to complain about our service.

3. We will keep accurate records of your complaint.

4. If our standards are found to be falling short, we will apologise and may offer a goodwill gesture or compensation.

5. Customers may progress their complaint by any means, ie phone, e –mail or post.

6. We will aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and will inform customers of any delays ( such as when requesting information from a third party.)

7. If a complaint is unresolved within 8 weeks, customers may refer their complaint to Ombudsman services. Ombudsman services are impartial and free of charge.

Ombudsman services can be contacted by writing to

Ombudsman Services: Energy, P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF

Or by phone on 0330 440 1624 

Or e – mail


8. If we are certain that the complaint cannot be resolved, we can issue a ‘ deadlock letter’ which will allow a customer to engage the services of the ombudsman without having to wait the 8 weeks.

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