For most small businesses, the gas and electricity bills are largest of their utility spends and this is the area where customers will save the most. A 1p difference in the cost per Kwh of energy could make a saving of £1000 if your business uses 100,000 Kwh of energy per year. We have seen customers bills where prices are 3p per Kwh higher than we would reasonably expect them to be.


In many cases, we can achieve a lower price with the customers existing supplier and there is no need to switch.


Wholesale energy prices are very volatile and change from day to day. Even though a customers contract may not yet be expired, they can still take out a new contract with the new prices only taking effect on the expiry of their existing arrangements. This is the most efficient way to manage energy bills since it allows the customer to select a contract when prices are favourable.


The whole process can be managed by Amcub with no cost to the customer. The Energy company will normally pay a commission. With some clients we will work on a fee paying basis if there are complex problems to resolve.


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