We have off the shelf telephone and broadband deals that will reduce line rental and call spend to the point that they become fairly insignificant costs. For most small businesses with only one or two lines, this will suffice, but for customers who spend a lot on their communications, we will conduct a thorough analysis and offer a tailor made solution.


A fixed line phone can be provided for £13.95 ex vat line rental, and we can arrange for installation of new lines as required. New lines cost between £35 and £100 to have installed, depending on the equipment already present.


In most cases there will be no interuption of service because customers will continue to use the open reach network.


Provided you have an internet connection (business broadband from £7.99 ) additional lines can be provided from £2 per month ex vat through VOIP. These can be non geographical ( 0800, 0330 etc ) or can be local numbers of your choice. Calls from VOIP lines are very cheap, and the quality and versatility for call management is excellent. VOIP can be used with your computer, but most users will prefer to buy a VOIP phone.


Non geographic numbers are also available as a simple re-routing service, where there is no monthly fee. All that is billed is the cost of the incoming calls at an agreed rate. ( set up fees apply )


Customers who live in very remote locations may be interested in a satellite broadband service.

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