We provide an instant quote and switch service to enable our customers to reduce their commercial water charges.


Discounted water bills are avaiable regardless of whether you have a metered supply, or pay a water rate based on the rateable value of your property. The savings vary, but if you are still paying standard rates through Business Stream, we can guarantee a saving.


In some cases it is beneficial to install a water meter ( if your unmetered charges are very high) and this is something we will check for you during a consultation. We will also check whether you should be paying VAT on your water bill. Some customers are paying 20% VAT when ( depending on the business type) the bill should be zero rated for VAT.


For an unmetered supply the savings are around 15%. For a metered supply the volumetric discount ( the part of your bill which charges for each litre of water used ) is up to 40%.


The switching process is straightforward and is seamless - there will be no interuption to the supply. All that changes will be the billing company, and of course the price.



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