Free quotation service for business electricity

From this page you can access business electricity prices from over 20 of the UK's electricity suppliers.


Business electricity quotations are very much bespoke services since each supplier will offer different prices depending on business type, location and credit worthiness.


Some Business Electric Suppliers will not accept electricity contracts at all from sectors which they deem to be high risk. This is why you may not find comparison sites similar to those in use for the residential markets. If such sites were to be relied upon, then the information generated would have high potential for inaccuracy, and could result in serious problems ( deemed or rollover contracts ) for the consumer if a contract were to be rejected or have special terms imposed.


Savings on business electricity bills can be huge. A customers bill recently (April 2015 ) reported charges of 17.15p per Kwh on a standing charge of 34.1538p per day.
Since this is a restaurant business consuming over 80,000 Kwh of electricity annually, the savings are a significant £4000.
As with gas, customers can sign a new contract for their business electricity up to 6 months in advance, allowing the flexibility to take advantage of low wholesale prices.
In many cases, there is no need to switch since we will negotiate with your current supplier.

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